Air Max 1 Clot ID Hyperstrike

There have been so many people claiming to have these over the years that I felt it was finally time to post proper pictures to distinguish the real from the fakes. First off, if you have a pair chances are they are fake. They are undoubtedly rare, no one knows for sure how many pairs there are but I seriously doubt the story about their being 4 is true. It seems more likely that there would be a full or near to full size run. I won’t reveal what I paid or where I got these from, but I will say that the source is from California and is a very well established collector/consignment seller who can definitely tell the fake from the real. Also before you start claiming that these are fake keep this in mind that I have more than 150 pairs of Air Max 1 in my collection and am fairly confident I can spot the difference also !

Apologies but I have labelled the pics as I was warned about putting them out there raw and having people create fake auctions or trying to use them as a scam. After speaking to some people I have decided I WILL NOT POST THE TONGUE TAG PIC unless you need it for a legit check against your pair and only then if you send me your pic first.

Anyway here they are for your reference, please do not re-post or distribute without credit.

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The Milky Way

Colour and contrast, but the pattern is still not right

Colour and contrast, but the pattern is still not right


Silky and structured. Keep the bubbles small and concentrate without actually trying to concentrate.

How do they make it look easy ? I think I am getting there, but I still have a way to go  !



What’s in a name ?

Not a 'Nike Air' logo in sight !

Not a ‘Nike Air’ logo in sight !

Sometimes you just have to stop and take stock of everything. Nike are having a great time milking money out of gullible Jordan collectors by re-releasing pairs a year later with slightly altered designs. Invoking the name ‘OG’ in vain, and deliberately adding ‘Vintage’ treatments to badly retro’ed classic pairs.

It’s a shame. There was a time when they would innovate and produced great, inspiring design. I had to set this picture up just to celebrate some of the great heel logos of all time on the Air Max 1.

Can you name them all ?


krRare, unusual and just plain cool. Kidrobot’s are one of the most exclusive and expensive pair of Air Max 1 ever made. Released at Barney’s in New York and limited to just 250 pairs. These are have long been a favorite amongst sneaker collectors and Kidrobot fans alike.

The black, gold and pink styling was created by Paul Budnitz & Chad Phillips of Kidrobot to match the exterior of Kidrobot’s 1986 Maserati Quattroporte III Royale. Each limited edition shoe comes packaged in a specially-designed gold and pink box and includes a mini Kidrobot keychain.

In addition, one of five blind-chase sockliners packed in Kidrobot’s signature foil bag, will be packaged with the limited edition shoe. The sockliners were created by artists Gary Baseman, Dalek, David Horvath, Huck Gee and Frank Kozik.

This deadstock pair has found its way into my life and I couldn’t be happier !


Just plain food porn !


It’s a crazy town. Let’s face it a person can get really really fat here with very little effort.

Sadly or maybe happily I am not really eating any cake-like food. Maybe that is why I am getting so obsessed by all these beautiful offerings.



Usually I am a bit reticent to actually embrace new technology but with a lot of pushing I have finally got into Instagram. As the person who put me on to it explained. “It’s like all the good bits of Facebook without hearing everyone whine !” You follow me : @aneks1 Here are some of my recent efforts:

Going all in with a full house, 7s full of 9s.

Lunch at the Maranui Surf Club Cafe

Just resting on the sea wall, enjoying the wildlife

Rainy Day

The weather had been going so well. Today is dark and grey. Moments like this I find it easy to express an inner flame with some simple colour. These are probably one of my favorite pairs of shoes. They are from 2000 which isn’t that long ago in real terms, but you have to think about time for shoes like dog years. Due to the unstable nature of the Poly-Urethane sole, Air Max 1 will only last 12-15 years at the most! So there are very few of these left in the world, less again in my size and this might be the only pair left in this condition. Rarity is only part of the reason to collect something. Moreover these speak to me of a moment long ago when a lot was changing in my life and new horizons were unfolding.