Just plain food porn !


It’s a crazy town. Let’s face it a person can get really really fat here with very little effort.

Sadly or maybe happily I am not really eating any cake-like food. Maybe that is why I am getting so obsessed by all these beautiful offerings.


My day in four Pictures

What did I do today


Slow cooked with orange, cinnamon and cumin. Then back into the pan for a final crisp fry.

AM1 USA. Fresh off the boat from London.

After months without, I can finally start wearing some of my treasures. These are so classic and still holding up very well despite their age.

Starting to sort and Label the collection

A lazy hour or so in the sun, just opening up boxes, checking that everything survived the trip. Still waiting on some racks for the rest of the kids.

Tropical Pirate Grog

A quiet nightcap at The Library, with the exotic name of Tropical Pirate Grog, served in a Tiki mug for effect.

Something fishy going on


The ocean is so clean and cold here, the seafood is amazing. They are practically giving away live green-lip mussels. All this leads me to thinking that better put bouillabaisse on the menu for dinner.

A bottle of cheap wine and some very expensive saffron. Leeks, carrots onions, tomatoes and a few spices combined with mussels, Australian prawns and some local butterfish.

Even had the time to make my own spiced mayonnaise for dipping !