The Milky Way

Colour and contrast, but the pattern is still not right

Colour and contrast, but the pattern is still not right


Silky and structured. Keep the bubbles small and concentrate without actually trying to concentrate.

How do they make it look easy ? I think I am getting there, but I still have a way to go  !



Milk and Passion

Macchiato with an 8 bit twist. Milk Bar, London.

Coffee is an obsession for many, one I can easily understand. How many things in life are we allowed that are actually luxurious, sophisticated and energizing at the same time ? Like a lot of people I love coffee and like a few I am snob. That means that those massive milky mass produced sugary drinks that you see on American TV belong to some other category of beverage. I have news for anyone who wants more than 8 fluid ounces in a cup or wants to add some kind of syrup…. you don’t like coffee !

There are so many ways to enjoy it but in my opinion the Flat White is the perfect expression of the Barrista’s art. Strong enough to retain the true flavor of the bean, but with the added challenge of creating sublime milk. Taste, texture, temperature and presentation all rolled in to one.

Flat White. Workshop Coffee, London.