Air Max 1 Clot ID Hyperstrike

There have been so many people claiming to have these over the years that I felt it was finally time to post proper pictures to distinguish the real from the fakes. First off, if you have a pair chances are they are fake. They are undoubtedly rare, no one knows for sure how many pairs there are but I seriously doubt the story about their being 4 is true. It seems more likely that there would be a full or near to full size run. I won’t reveal what I paid or where I got these from, but I will say that the source is from California and is a very well established collector/consignment seller who can definitely tell the fake from the real. Also before you start claiming that these are fake keep this in mind that I have more than 150 pairs of Air Max 1 in my collection and am fairly confident I can spot the difference also !

Apologies but I have labelled the pics as I was warned about putting them out there raw and having people create fake auctions or trying to use them as a scam. After speaking to some people I have decided I WILL NOT POST THE TONGUE TAG PIC unless you need it for a legit check against your pair and only then if you send me your pic first.

Anyway here they are for your reference, please do not re-post or distribute without credit.

16462_10152511598996954_5527487010876904011_n 10930517_10152511597721954_3413961503387866595_n IMG_0256-1 IMG_0257-1 IMG_0260-1 IMG_0262-1