Current Activities

I am currently teaching a class at FXPHD called VFX201: VFX Foundations.

Topics include :

  • Class 1: Understanding how we see : the problem – why we need colour theory and the limits of human vision, display systems and how your application lies to you and luminance, chrominance and why you suck at seeing both!
  • Class 2: Modern models of colour : the solution – defining, encoding and recording color, display systems and how they can lie to you plus file formats and the ins and outs of managed colour pipelines
  • Class 3: Jargon busting : who is marcie? and why do we care – density, log and linear colour in practice and converting colour from storage to a usable medium for manipulation.
  • Class 4: Out of the dark ages : It’s all about light. The notion of a photometric linear image, beyond black and white and Dmin and why Josh Pines was right!
  • Class 5: Now you get it, its time to move it. logical colour manipulations, dangerous manipulations and defining the mathematics of colour correction
  • Class 6: Those that don’t understand history are doomed to repeat it. The history of image composition, understanding why addition and multiplication rule your daily life and remove the word layering from your vocabulary
  • Class 7: How to put “A” over “B” – the one basic presupposition for all modern compositing applications and why most people working in VFX today don’t understand it. What the word presupposition means!
  • Class 8: What if I told you there is no blur? The matrix explained! Kernels, convolution and why you will never pay for a plug-in filter again.
  • Class 9: Popular tools and techniques broken down to an atomic level. Keyer, filter or colour correct its all much simpler than you thought! Everything is just a colour operation and why I spent so long earlier on teaching you about colour.
  • Class 10: The Matrix reloaded! All this time you thought you were moving images… you aren’t. Affine, perspective and displacement. Understanding vectors and per pixel manipulation.
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