Air Max 1 : History of Air (2005)

In 2005 Nike released the History of Air pack with the tagline “3 decades of cushioning”. This pair was part of the now legendary Nike Powerwall which was a collection of 8 Air Max models released in 8 different styles or ‘colorways’ as they are referred to. The HOA shoes make up the top line of shoes in the wall image and where the most common release. The rest were much rarer with the bottom row only being available at certain select outlets who had special seller relationships with Nike referred to as ‘Tier 0’ accounts, in very limited numbers. (allegedly 144 pairs per shoe).  Because of this the shoes that make up this row are often referred to themselves as Tier 0.

The Nike ‘Powerwall’

Some debate continues as to whether the fourth row is actually part of the so-called Powerwall or a special sub-release as they were named Blue Ribbon Sports (BRS) packs in honor of the name of the company that was a forerunner to Nike.


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