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Singapore Chilli Crab. Roland Restaurant, Singapore.

Few things in life are as gratifying as getting really really messy in search of a good time. In a country famed for its obsession with food there is one thing that stands above the rest. A national symbol of food culture that is proud, brash and fiery. Although most Singaporeans will tell you that they prefer the Pepper or even the Butter Crab, everyone and I mean EVERYONE has a favorite place for the classic Singapore Chilli Crab. This fine example comes from Roland Restaurant, the original crab palace and some say still the best.

Many of the best crabs available in Singapore are actually Sri Lankan and they are only worth eating from a place that has live tanks and also allows the customer to select their specific crab in person. Like those at the incredibly popular No Signboard in Geylang:

Black Pepper Crab. No-Signboard, Gaylang. Singapore


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